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Would you be interested in an organisation that offered an alternative to the Wo ...
Are Covid Vaccines safe? Are they effective at combating the virus?
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Posted on Thursday, 06 January 2022
Are you a doctor, scientist, journalist or other industry expert who has some fa ...
What can we do to combat homlessness
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Posted on Saturday, 19 February 2022
I have always been concerned about this. I know people who have become homeless ...
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Latest replies

RE: World Economic Forum
6 months ago
Yes, I would be interested! There must be a way to unite people from different places. I feel isolated and I have limited resources. If we could organize som...
RE: World Economic Forum
6 months ago
well its starting to look like the pitch forks need to come out world wide that will put a end to this well planned depop...
RE: Are Covid Vaccines safe? Are they effective at combating the virus?
6 months ago
Alex, I also believe the vaccines are killing us. I think there is overwhelming evidence that this is true. Unfortunately, the main stream media constantly lie...
RE: What can we do to combat homlessness
6 months ago
This could have been tackled decades ago to be fair. You have seen how governments respond to current so called crisis's and can miraculously find millions to f...
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